Manufacturing Appreciation Week (MAW) was developed by the Technical College System of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Economic Development. Manufacturing Appreciation Week will be April 15 - 18, 2019. The Awards Luncheon will be held April 18 at the Georgia International Convention Center.

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2019 MAW Nomination Forms

Fill out the nomination form online
Manufacturing Appreciation Week
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Manufacturer of the Year Nomination
(Nominations due by February 08, 2019)

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Manufacturer *:

Companies being nominated must meet a minimum requirement of having been in business for three years.

Company name as it should appear on Nomination Certificate *:
Category *: Small (0-150 employees) Medium (151-500 employees) Large (500+ employees)
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President/CEO/Plant Manager (on site) *: Title *:
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Address as many of the following criteria that apply to the above-named manufacturer.
Attach any relevant forms, if applicable/available.

Economic Impact (see examples on award criteria below)

Companies being nominated must meet a minimum requirement of having been in business for three years.

a) The number of years in operation at this location *.
b) Indicate the economic impact of the company on the community and/or surrounding area.
c) Other

Corporate Responsibility(see examples on award criteria below)

a) Describe any community involvement programs.
b) Describe any company-invested volunteer/civic involvement programs.
c) Describe any educational partnerships (i.e. in-kind cash, equipment donations, etc.)
d) Describe any corporate citizenship/partnership awards.
e) Other

Workforce Excellence(see examples on award criteria below)

a) Identify programs related to the balance of work/family life.
Flex-time Part-time Other :
b) Identify employee education programs.
Education reimbursement Other :
c) Identify diversity awareness programs. Describe (attach statement, if available)
Identify employee recognition and rewards programs.
(Profit-sharing, gain-sharing, employee-sponsored investments, etc)
Nominated by *: Date *: (mm/dd/YYYY)
Organization *:
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